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The Largest Open Innovation Platform in the World Is Opened

Citybusiness.fi is the largest Open Innovation Platform in the world, and it is presented in Smart City Expo, Barcelona starting at November 14th.

Citybusiness.fi means that the six biggest cities in Finland have formed test environments and ecosystems for companies to develop their services and products into successful businesses. Open Innovation Platforms accelerate sustainable development and the creation of permanent jobs.

Nationwide Innovation Platform covers
• 30% of the population of Finland
• 40 % of the total company revenues
• 61% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
• 75% of the RDI expenditure (research, development and innovation)

These six cities, i.e. Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu, have combined their innovation and development environments into a network of open innovation platforms. The aim of the network is to enhance the national competitiveness of Finland by creating new expertise, business, and jobs in the service industry.


Due to changes happened in the global economy and technology development, cities have a lot of pressure to develop new and cost efficient services for inhabitants. Cities need to find new ways to develop modern infrastructures and new digitalized services. At the same time companies have difficulties to find open innovation platforms to develop and test their products and services together with end users to ensure fast time to market.

Elements of the future

Citybusiness.fi gives excellent co-operation possibilities for the companies and cities to ensure competitiveness in a fast changing world where IoT (Internet of Things) and 5G are enabling ways to ensure totally new services in all industrial areas. The national open innovation platform network will significantly support the new business development in the modern international, competitive digitalized world. The environment will also support the development of the new devices, service solutions and institutional research. The target is to offer “one-door” –solution for focus
groups. The other main objective is to offer a structured platform for digitalization of the municipality services, involve the companies to create new innovative ways to implement services and thus utilize all available local resources.Think global, act local. Think six.

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