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From a waste treatment center to a Circular economy hub

Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto Oy


The Topinpuisto circular economy hub brings several companies from the environmental sector together to develop circular economy, resource efficiency, value chains for products and services and new business models in a flexible working environment. Topinpuisto combines expertise in the environmental sector and significant material flows.

User groups

The actors in the area receive and handle more than 60 different material flows from companies and residents, finding new applications and recycling solutions for the materials.

What is available for companies?

Our cooperation network offers possibilities to execute quick experiments, pilot projects and research and development projects as well as different materials to be utilized and refined. The network makes it easy to find new partners and offers an opportunity to work up ideas together with experts within the sector. Communication and marketing can also be done cooperatively in the network.

The circular economy hub offers a centrally located area permitted for field and plant construction and working spaces, equipment, laboratory services and showrooms. Working in the area also makes it possible to take materials into reuse and recycling without unnecessary middlemen.


Contact person
Sini Ilmonen
Lounais-Suomen jätehuolto Oy