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Iso Omena Service Centre

Public services hub, located in a shopping centre, reaches up to 5000 customers daily and invites companies to come and co-create with the city and citizens.

City of Espoo


The Iso Omena Service Centre brings together a variety of public services in a unique way. It is aimed at making the everyday life of the area’s residents easier by providing them with an opportunity to take care of several errands on a single visit. The Service Centre is located in the Iso Omena shopping centre, directly above the Matinkylä metro station and bus terminal. The centre offers a variety of services from health care to culture and counselling. The Service Centre brings together professionals in various fields to make their customers’ lives a little easier. We invite all companies to join us in the development of better services for the citizens of Espoo!

Target groups

The Service Centre provides companies with an opportunity to come and develop and test their products, together with the customers and the City services units. The Service Centre’s pop-up premises and the Paja premises of the library are available for use free of charge, and the conference rooms can be booked against a fee. Organisations and educational establishments are also welcome to come and implement their development projects at the Service Centre.

User groups

The Service Centre offers a wide variety of services for the citizens of Espoo in all age groups. The Service Centre is particularly actively used by the residents of the Matinkylä district.

Around 5,000 customers visit the Service Centre daily.

How to get involved

Companies interested in developing their services, together with the Service Centre and its customers, are invited to contact the Service Centre project director.


Contact person
Veera Vihula