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Clean Vallisaari

Twin islands located just outside Helsinki are opened to the public by respecting their history and nature

City of Helsinki


The historically valuable twin islands of Vallisaari-Kuninkaansaari were opened to the public in spring 2016. During the first summer, the islands attracted a total of 95,000 visitors, even though the services and facilities supporting nature tourism were scarce. The intention is to develop the islands as a tourism attraction and lively urban environment, while also respecting their historical and natural values.

Target audience

Clean Vallisaari is a development environment intended for companies who can see the future opportunities of urban planning offered, for example, by cleantech. Currently, Clean Vallisaari is not offering any ready-made solutions or operating models. Instead, companies are encouraged to participate in the dialogue and innovation processes – everyone is welcomed to join!

User groups

Once the islands have functional basic services in place, their unique and clean nature will attract both local visitors and tourists in the area.

How to get involved

In 2016, the City of Helsinki organised the innovation competition Clean Vallisaari, together with Metsähallitus. The 12 proposals received to the competition provide a good basis for continuing the development of Vallisaari as a cleantech tourist attraction. Similar innovative contributions are still welcomed. Please send your proposals or ideas to the City of Helsinki.


Contact person
Päivi Piispa