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Karjasilta Verstas Business Lab – Co-development Platform for Future Living

Testing and development environment for solutions and services of future living

Hartela Pohjois-Suomi Oy


Karjasilta Verstas is a residential area under development right next to City of Oulu. The core of the area is 11 apartment buildings and culturally remarkable schoolbuilding that will be renovated for daycare and business use.

To support and enable  the development of living and business model related innovation, productization and testing of new solutions,  the Karjasilta Verstas Business Lab is set up in the area.

The target of this co-development platform is to find solutions for improving quality of the living, reducing  the cost of living and developing new co-creation working models for the residents and business on the area.


Contact person
Helena Moring, Projektipäällikkö, Karjasilta Verstas Business Lab
Hartela Pohjois-Suomi Oy