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Wholesale Market for Circular Economy

Helsinki Wholesale Market and its companies and environments are ready to seize the growth opportunities of a circular economy

City of Helsinki


The Helsinki Wholesale Market located in Sörnäinen is a lively 15-hectare place of trade with a massive flow of foods and related goods passing through every day. Combining these material flows with the endless possibilities and growth opportunities of a circular economy by utilising digital solutions creates an environment with almost limitless ecological and profitable innovation opportunities.

Target audience

The Wholesale Market for Circular Economy is intended for companies and developers who can see the possibilities offered by a circular economy and who have the means to create related, innovative new products and services. The developers have access to the data about the Wholesale Market’s material flows and the businesses in the area.

User groups

Potential users of the developed products and services include all the food industry operators in the Wholesale Market area, and, later, also other companies operating in the market squares and market halls of Helsinki. Users may also include private consumers, for example, via digital services created for the Wholesale Market.

How to get involved

The City of Helsinki is responsible for the coordination of activities related to the Wholesale Market for Circular Economy. Joining the development work is easy. According to estimates, the potential contribution of circular economy to the Finnish national economy totals billions of euros. Development projects within the Wholesale Market programme have received funding from the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes and the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.


Contact person
Päivi Piispa