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Turku Science Park Ltd, Turku Technology Properties Ltd


Turku Technology Properties Group will build a new Visitor Centre in close co-operation with city of Turku and rent out the facilities to local businesses that wish to showcase their work and attract partners, investors and customers. Facilities are rented out to local businesses that wish to showcase their work and attract partners, investors, customers, students, employees etc.


Target audience


The Centre is designed to facilitate growth in the region by offering a hub-type meeting place for professionals, a modern environment for visitors to get acquainted with the regions businesses, organizations and events organized by the collaborators, a congress centre available for all the participating organizations to use an easily accessible place for short term working, e.g. workshops and collaborative labs.

Benefits for companies are marketing and increasing the level of awareness, facilities for conferences, training and corporate events and Cave theatre (3D).

User groups

Companies, universities and business organizations in Southwest Finland

Partners & Companies

Turku Technology Properties ltd.


Contact person
Hele Kaunismäki
Turku Technology Properties ltd.