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Smart Tampere

Business model development programme and a platform for co-creating smart city solutions for the Tampere Region

City of Tampere


The Tampere Region aims for innovative and digital smart city solutions through cooperation between companies, organisations, municipalities and citizens. Our virtual co-creation environment and ecosystem generates amazing solutions admired by everyone.

Smart Tampere provides companies with an opportunity to participate in the specification of the City’s service needs and in the related co-creation projects, as well as the possibility to test their products and services in an authentic environment. The participant companies will have access to information about the identified service needs and customer needs and receive feedback from the users.

Target groups

The Smart Tampere innovation platform is intended for companies who can recognise the challenges of smart urban development and have the ability to create solutions to tackle those challenges. The companies are supported in their development work by other members of the partner network, by the City organisation and, as necessary, by a dedicated city official whose task is to advance the progress of the development work. Open specification, open development and open data are the cornerstones of the development platform.

User groups

Smart Tampere offers new business opportunities for companies and building blocks for a better life for all the residents of the Tampere Region. The services co-created by companies are available for use and distribution globally.

How to get involved

Smart Tampere is continuously looking for new partners to get involved in the co-creation of smart urban solutions. The contact details are provided below.


Contact person
Seppo Haataja