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Ratkaisutehdas solution factory

Streamlined models and methods to tackle urban challenges, together with other companies

City of Vantaa


Vantaa is Finland’s logistics capital with a massive flow of people and goods passing through every day. The City has had to face all the growing pains and challenges typical for growing urban conglomerates. The Ratkaisutehdas solution factory was established to combine the resources generated by the logistics flows with the ability to solve challenges. Ratkaisutehdas is a co-creation operating model.

Target audience

Ratkaisutehdas is targeted at companies, public organisations, operators interested in international networking and urban developers.

User groups

The outputs of the Ratkaisutehdas solution factory will be available for use by the 200,000 residents of Vantaa and the 16 million passengers passing through the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport each year.

How to get involved

We are constantly looking for new companies and organisations to participate in our co-creation projects. Once a need is identified and the related challenges specified, we can then choose the right development models and set the targets. To find out more about the process and its implementation, please contact Ratkaisutehdas.


Contact person
Mirka Järnefelt