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Empire strikes back – the renaissance of the popular old trading hub

Petikko-Varisto kauppiasyhdistys Ry, City of Vantaa


Petikko-Varisto is an old and popular commercial center. Back in the days people travelled there from far and wide to strike great deals and for leisure. Now businesses, retailer’s association and the city of Vantaa have together decided rise Petikko-Varisto back to its glory. Easy to reach location with distinct character and personality is prime environment for new ideas and innovative approaches. The Petikko-Varisto renaissance could be started by utilizing new technologies, circular economy and social media.



Target audience

Companies interested in developing the area in co-creation together with other companies and various user groups. Petikko-Varisto is looking for good old communal spirit spiced up with new technologies and sharing economy.

User Groups

Petikko-Varisto has almost 70 000 residents and matching purchasing power.


How to get involved

Contact us and join the Petikko-Varisto co-creation projects. Contact details below.


Contact person
Mirka Järnefelt