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Metropolia campus

The most business-friendly campus in Finland

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and City of Vantaa


Metropolia is the most enterprise-minded campus area in Finland with an emphasis on robotics. The cooperation between Metropolia UAS and companies supports the growth of expertise and product development. The collaboration between companies is accelerated by making the sharing of spaces and resources more efficient.




Target audience

The companies that see valuable opportunities in the collaboration with the educational institutes and in co-creation to make urban communities lively and flourishing.

User Groups

The students and the staff of the biggest UAS in Finland makes an exceptionally large audience with which companies can develop their products.

How to get involved

Metropolia is open for all businesses that consider collaboration and co-creation with an UAS as an interesting opportunity. See the contact information below and get started with Metropolia.


Contact person
Mirka Järnefelt