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Kustaankartano Service Centre

Kustaankartano Service Centre and its customers form a living lab for health technology developers

City of Helsinki, Department of Social Services and Health Care


The Kustaankartano Service Centre operating under the Department of Social Services and Health Care of the City of Helsinki offers a well-functioning and safe living lab environment for testing and commissioning new products and technology solutions. The broad and diverse resident base and the well-educated personnel actively support the development work. Companies have developed products and services at Kustaankartano already for several years.

Target audience

Kustaankartano is suitable for companies in the health technology business, particularly for businesses engaged in developing products and services related to elderly care and gerontology.

User groups

The new solutions are tested and used by the residents and personnel of Kustaankartano. Kustaankartano has room for almost 400 residents at 18 units. The customers include both Finnish- and Swedish-speaking elderly persons.

How to get involved

Trials and development projects are implemented on the basis of need, which means that not all companies can automatically get involved. Trials that require only a moderate amount of personnel or other resources can be implemented free of charge. In other cases, the company shall bear the required resource costs.


Contact person
Leena Pohjola