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A co-creation environment, which brings together health and wellbeing businesses, researches and users

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HealthHUB is an inspiring meeting place and community for participants who have a common goal: to improve human health and wellbeing. The HUB premises are situated on the Kauppi campus in Tampere, in the immediate vicinity of the Tampere University Hospital.

Target audience

The HealthHUB brings together health, wellbeing, health technology and research-oriented companies and talents, and provides an environment for the co-creation of new ideas and innovations.

How to use the HealthHUB facilities

We provide facilities and opportunities for networking, finding collaborators and new customers and the implementation of joint development projects. You will find several hot-desk workstations and a versatile group workspace, well equipped with presentation technology, to arrange various events, as well as a virtual group workspace, enabling the community to be present from anywhere in the world.

How to get involved

You can participate in HealthHUB activities, either as a member or as a follower. Membership is free, but requires active participation, enthusiasm and a positive attitude ­– as well as a desire to cooperate with others to create something new and better. As a follower, you can participate in events and discussions and closely track how the HealthHUB develops. Later, if you want to, you can join the HUB as a member. Join as a member or a follower here:

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