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Future Food World and Aistila

Lunch restaurant and a take away shop create a multidisciplinary research platform

University of Turku / Functional Foods Forum


Future Food World (FFW), located in the Kupittaa Campus in Turku, is a research and development platform that consists of a real-life lunch restaurant and a takeaway shop. It advances the creation of innovations that are customer-oriented and increase well-being.

Aistila™, located near FFW, provides food industry companies with an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the multisensory user experience concerning their products and packaging.




Target audience

The FFW and Aistila™ provide commercial and academic operators with an opportunity to carry out consumer-oriented research and development projects. Together, they produce information about consumers’ food choices and user experiences.

The platform is suitable, for example, for food producers, retailers, the wholesale business, service providers, package providers, decoration and furnishing designers and ICT companies, as well as universities and research institutions.

User groups

At Future Food World, companies can test and develop new products, services, concepts, technologies and solutions in an authentic restaurant and shop environment with real-life restaurant users as customers.

How to get involved

Companies interested in test marketing their health foods or studying the effects of sensory stimuli related to their product are invited to contact the contact persons for the Future Food World and Aistila™.

Did you know?

At Aistila™, product, packaging and concept testing can be done with consumers or trained panels and by utilising various profiling methods. In addition, Aistila™ also offers training programmes of sensory evaluation for companies’ product development and marketing personnel. Aistila™ is a business unit of the University of Turku.


Contact person
Mari Norrdal