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School community living lab in Espoo

Accelerated co-creation model for schools and companies

City of Espoo


Espoo has opened its schools as an innovation platform. The accelerated co-creation model for schools and companies, referred to as KYKY, complies with the new national core curriculum and aims to advance digitalisation. The KYKY operating model sets ground rules for co-creation projects between schools and companies, making the projects safe for all parties.

Target audience

The living lab is suitable for companies who want to develop education- and teaching-related products and services, together with schools in real-life use environments.

User groups

Users include the 30,000 pupils and 3,000 teaching professionals in the City of Espoo schools.

How to get involved

Opening schools as an innovation platform will increase companies’ understanding of the daily life of schools, teachers and pupils. Co-created products and services are more competitive, as their development has been guided by the value experienced by the customer.

Co-creation partnership with a pioneer is a merit. The companies are also allowed to use the Kehitetty yhdessä Espoon koulujen kanssa – Cocreated with the City of Espoo Schools label.


Contact person
Katja Hagman