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Circular Economy 2.0

A platform for experiments and co-creation projects between companies and students

Turku University of Applied Sciences

What does it mean?

Circular Economy 2.0 is an innovative function implemented by Turku University of Applied Sciences and focused on circular economy experiments to enable businesses to engage in experiments and co-creation projects with students. Multidisciplinary student teams and methods are tailored according to business commissions. The experiments may be innovation events, surveys, etc.

The development processes of Circular Economy 2.0 observe the circulation of materials and other forms of circular economy, such as product as a service, extending a product’s service life or sharing and circulating competence and expertise.

Who is it designed for?

Circular Economy 2.0 is designed for businesses, students from higher education institutions, experts and cities as a shared innovation platform.

Who uses it?

The innovation platform can be used by businesses of different sizes and from different fields if they are interested in developing business models for circular economy and resource efficiency. In addition, the innovation platform welcomes various associations, public organisations and cities. Physically, our facilities are located in Turku, but we have engaged in successful cooperation with Oulu, Tampere and the metropolitan area, for example.

How can I participate?

You can participate in the activities of the innovation platform by directly contacting the Circular Economy 2.0 learning environment of Turku University of Applied Sciences ( or Piia Nurmi (contact information below). We can then agree on the details of the experiment.


Contact person
Piia Nurmi
Turku University of Applied Sciences